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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

From the Director

It has been over two years now since our friend Michael has passed away. On my wall are sixty-three one-hour miniDV video tapes of Michael beer hunting through Europe and the United States, footage that I shot for his Rare Beer Club from 2004-2006. After a year or so of traveling together, the idea would often come up of shooting another Season of "The Beerhunter." Regrettably, we never got the chance.

So, much sooner than I thought, the idea of a documentary about Michael began to form. Micheal taught us that there's a great story behind the things we enjoy, and to know that story is to enjoy those things more. There's a great story behind Michael, too, one that needs to be told.

After two years of planning - and waiting - we begin production in earnest, in the hopes of airing the premier in conjunction with the 2010 GABF.

So, if you've found this blog and are a fan of Michael Jackson, check back from time to time for rare footage and stories of travel with the Beerhunter.

Thanks for your interest!


John R. Richards
Director, Beer Hunter: The Movie

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